Worldwide branding

Worldwide branding

Corporate typeface for LG: Life's good

LG is conditioning her global branding strategy

LG electronics is one of Korea’s biggest ‘chaebols’ operating worldwide. Founded in 1947 as a chemical company named Lucky Goldstar, it then operated worldwide in elektronic equipment, telecommunications and chemicals. LG prepared her brandmodel and identity that would fit the bill in the future and combined the customer-values: inspiration, empowerment and happiness. With the slogan ‘innovation that makes you smile’ LG promises you that “Life’s Good’. The branding communication is focused on products and concentrates on a compact and a decisive submission.
The electronic equipment field is dominated by the big four (Apple, Nokia, Microsoft and Samsung) but LG is choosing a different route by claiming her own playfield in domestic device, Smart TV and mobile communication.

A worldwide brand strategy needs an authentic signature

The current font LG Bryant is too dominant in her expression and too old-fashioned for a modern and global brand. LG’s brand communication is too concentrated around the specific combination of loving optimists, tone of style and branding elements (based on the geometrically logo). However, there are some important pointers when communicating a well known brand: it needs to be unique, transparent and if the brand uses symbolism, it needs to be universal. Culture or region should not influence a corporate typeface whatsoever. This is how a solid brand strategy helps a consistent communication.

An unique signature translated in a collective font

Total Identity developed an integral font family called ‘LG smart’, appropriate for all communication, information, documentation, on-and offline, including interface design.When developing LG Smart, the aim was to focus on unique, innovative and futuristic font. The LG Smart is a unique corporate font that works excellent with the geometrical logo and the bold font. The LG Smart shows how important the values ‘smile’, ‘empowerment’, ‘inspiration’ and ‘creativity’ are. The LG Smart is a complete family-font in a light, regular, semibold and bold for latin, hebrew language, cyrillic and korean. In the near future we might be able to add arabic!

This makes Total Identity LG fit for future. 

Typografie lettertype LG

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