WHAT! The Real Estate Community

WHAT! The Real Estate Community

Author: Dmitri Berkhout, 27-05-2014

Get to know WHAT!, the virtual real estate community where work, knowledge, capital & networking come together. WHAT! is a market-wide initiative by entrepreneur Hasse Dekker designed to unlock the real estate market.

Hasse Dekker

In the past few years, many markets have been hit by the economic crisis, but none quite as noticeably as the real estate market. Reorganisations have resulted in numerous professionals being forced to start working for themselves, only to discover up close and personal the complications involved in trying to survive as self-employed workers without employees. They are confronted with a quickly fragmenting network, reduced opportunities for new assignments and restricted insight into market developments, lagging knowledge and financial rigmarole – all this resulting in multiple backlogs.

In turn, the downsized real estate organisations have been struggling to cope with compiling the best teams for their projects. A lot of time is lost to hunting down information and capacity, with the danger being that quality suffers as a result.

Facilitating entrepreneurship

Very much at home in the real estate market, Hasse Dekker recognised these developments and has come up with a plan to turn the tide. Due to the large variety of players in the real estate market, it was essential to develop an integral solution that makes it possible for all parties to connect. The basis is a new community where supply and demand can be coordinated. All the shortcomings referred to are addressed here: assignments, market insights, trainings, courses and numerous services that facilitate entrepreneurship.

Everyone who registers on the supply-side of the site participates in an online assessment. This assessment makes it possible to view the competences on a per-person basis. The database is easy to search on the basis of various aspects, including competence, specialism and experience, which makes it possible for clients to quickly find the people they are looking for. The initiative is called 'WHAT!', which stands for: Working Hard Apart Together. WHAT! collaborates with various partners in the field of IT, trainings and marketing.

What! road map
WHAT! road map

Sparring partner

Total Identity is one of the sparring partners in the development of this real estate initiative and has developed the logo, the visual style and the resource set. The official launch is set for 1 October 2014, but the soft launch was the middle of May. Since then, self-employed workers without employees in the real estate market – at the middle and upper management levels – can already register on the website: www.whatcom.nl.

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