Europe: Vedior

Europe: Vedior

Life and work become one at Vedior

Vedior is an international Employment Agency. The Lust for Life campaign positions the company distinctively. It integrates all brand activities combining the power of design and communications to generate maximum impact. The campaign flows through to corporate design, image communications, action marketing and shop design.

The question

The labor market is forcing employment agencies to focus on recruiting candidates and attracting job switchers and higher educated individuals. Many agencies offer the same services and follow the same promotion strategy so candidates see almost no difference between them.

The challenge

We wanted to make Vedior stand out from the crowd. To meet this challenge Vedior’s creative programs target young adults known as ‘multi-taskers’ who want to see, do and experience all that life has to offer. These young adults view work as an important factor in their way of life. These views work as a starting point for Vedior’s communication programs. They are based on target group mentality and motivations.

The concept

The creative programs clearly distinguish the brand from her competitors and reflect her values through the use of sympathetic forms, positive colors and a powerful form language. A valuable element is the ‘lifeline’. It illustrates Vedior believes that life and work are one and the same thing. The communication appeals to the state of life of the target group. This is best reflected by the statement Lust for life and supported by images that are authentically slices of life and a tone of voice that is both energetic and sympathetic.

The added value

Market research shows an image boost and an impressive growth in business figures. It also shows that the new formula is found to be interesting and innovative by the target group. The campaign received a lot of media attention and is highly appreciated within the international Vedior Organization. The Organization awarded Innovation Awards to the Lust for life campaign and the ‘Pimp my shop’ strategy.



The 'Lust for Life' campaign has won the 2007 AME Award.

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