Trends in Corporate Reporting

Trends in Corporate Reporting

TREND 1: visualise 01-04-2014

C&F Report is one of the few specialists in Corporate Reporting; that is the strategic compilation, writing, creation (top design) and production of annual reports , CSR-reports and transparency reports (printed, pdf or web-based).

Split-second information

Knowledge in this field is scarce. What we have noticed is that in their Corporate Reporting initiative, many companies and non-profit organisations are still at the ‘writing stage’. Text and written explanations are of course important; however in 2014 a written message on its own no longer comes over as clear enough. Who still takes the time to read most of a report? No-one. At a time when we would rather communicate in the form of a tweet or emoticon, stakeholders want to be informed in a split second about the core of the message in an annual report, CSR or transparency report. And we are not talking about a page of highlights: the well-known five-year tabular overviews....

Visualisation expert

C&F is a visualisation expert. We produced clear infographics with attractive pictograms or flowcharts and illustrations which, of course, match our clients’ corporate identity. Time and again they are surprising and compelling and their structure is clear. Who understands the art of presenting a forty-page strategy document, in crystal clear fashion, in a single illustration of a Strategy Wheel showing strategy drivers in the form of matching pictograms and just one page of written explanation? Or Safety KPIs in the form of clear, powerful communicative infographics? Or targets in the form of a visual dashboard? With us, you will find an abundance of examples!

Understanding companies

Anyone wishing to ‘translate’ text visually needs to fully understand companies and their communication message and be able to write concisely. We always find this an exciting challenge: seeking the core of each chapter, each and every time. Companies that understand that their stakeholders wish to be informed briefly and simply (KISS: Keep it Short and Simple) are often the ones that lead the way or make the difference. Furthermore, this visual representation can also be used on websites, in PowerPoint, or in a dynamic animated film lasting just over two minutes. Recognisability and clarity of the strategic messages across a broad front. Easily accessible and quickly interpretable. A picture still always paints more than a thousand words. Even in the world of corporate reporting! Are you interested? We would be pleased to come drink a cup of corporate coffee with you!

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