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When I first entered this company, I felt something was happening here. What happened, was a group of people thoroughly committing themselves to a certain subject. A subject that apparently needed to be studied, understood, applied and developed, time and again. It drove the atmposhere with a certain fierce determination. Read more >

Conversion Dashboard
Conversion tracking meets pragmatic CRM 

Interactive event framework
The reliable modern setup for any successful event 


Social Cardio app
Quantified self meets gamification 

iBase 5.0
The standard for brand communication management 

Total Identity helps organisations find the right balance between their collective ambition (identity), and the constantly changing environment in which we operate. In an ever-changing context, your actions require sharp positioning and clear profiling... Read more >

Total Active Media helps organisations adapt and construct their communications as a dialogue (interaction) and reinvent their services with intelligent service design and surprising communication concepts (activation)... Read more >

Total Public enables organizations to be visible in the public arena (presence) and connects goverment, citizens and businesses on the social task (participation)… Read more >

Total Reporting

Total Reporting supports the entrepreneurship of organizations (reporting) with accountability and sustainability of their actions.
We do this through our new sister organization C & F Report... (Dutch website) Read more >

Total Design

Total Design wants to compose future and themes (aesthetics) and connect people by making ambitions tangible. We do this through our sister organization Koeweiden Postma Amsterdam... Read more > 

Total Professionals

Brand asset management

Total Professionals brings your organization in touch with the people who can make a difference. Powerful personalities who realize your goals. Together with our sister organization MetFred ... Read more >

Get directly in touch with one of our representatives: 

Hans P Brandt

M +31 20 750 95 65

Bob van der Lee

Managing director, Total Identity
T +31 20 750 95 58

Martijn Arts

Managing director, Total Active Media
T +31 20 750 94 25

Jurgen Peeters

General manager, Eindhoven
M +31 651 91 58 17

Renaat van Cauwenberge

Brand builder, Antwerpen
M +32 476 840 517

Hugo van den Bos

Managing director, KoeweidenPostma
T +31 20 612 19 75

Pieter Koenders

Managing director, C&F Report
T +31 20 691 31 44