Total Identity is BrandMaker’s exclusive partner for the Benelux

Total Identity is BrandMaker’s exclusive partner for the Benelux

Press release, 20-06-2016

From now on, Total Identity is to be the distribution partner for the Benelux of the global market leader BrandMaker’s exclusive brand management systems. 

Marketing resource management (MRM) comprises everything to do with organising marketing activities: planning, budgets, development, workflow, distribution and monitoring KPIs. BrandMaker automates the marketing workflow and offers Web-to-Publish formats for brand carriers, ordering modules and translation modules.

As the number of marketing channels has increased and continues to do so, MRM has become highly complex. The necessary digital technology demands technical as well as commercial know-how. At the same time, using this technology has to remain straightforward, quick and accessible. BrandMaker brings all of these aspects – i.e. the technology, tools and user interfaces – together into systems with a vast array of functionalities that can be added on as modules. BrandMaker has the ability to grow fully with the companies and organisations in question, making it highly future-proof.

According to analysts at international IT research company Gartner, BrandMaker’s MRM solutions and visionary intent make it the global market leader in automation software for marketing management. BrandMaker is also one of the fastest growing suppliers of MRM systems on the global market. 

Major savings

Total Identity’s partnership with BrandMaker for the Benelux is a response to the trend towards automation that is strongly influencing jobs in virtually every area of the profession. As a result of automation, marketing is also seeing a powerful shift in the profession towards more strategy and consultancy work. This is being driven by the potentially major savings in operational and management costs.

In the United States and Germany, the move to automation is already in full swing. In the Netherlands and Belgium, MRM is still in its infancy: the processes on purchasing, development and roll-out of marketing strategies are usually carried out manually.

However, Total Identity expects the Benelux to catch up very quickly over the next couple of years. As BrandMaker’s exclusive partner, Total Identity will now be offering the best and most complete MRM systems in existence to companies with sizeable international marketing programmes.

Moreover, BrandMaker will give our own brand management system, i-Base, a powerful boost: the BrandMaker modules can be fully integrated into i-Base. For ten years, i-Base has facilitated brand and communications management for dozens of medium-sized and large companies and organisations. 


BrandMaker is a marketing and marketing resource management specialist. The marketing and communications departments of more than 300 companies in 86 countries currently use BrandMaker’s systems. The company’s headquarters are in Karlsruhe and its clients include Audi, Deutsche Baan, E-on, John Deere, EY, Staples, JP Morgan and UBS.

Total Identity Groep

The Total Identity Group provides integrated service in the field of identity, branding and marketing, linking strategic advice and creative development. Our philosophy regarding positioning and strategic marketing is based on the market knowledge, service and conceptual approach that has characterised our group since 1963. Total Identity serves organisations that see market dynamics as being essential to their own success.

The Total Identity Groep has branches in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Antwerp. The Total Active Media, Total Public, C&F Report and KoeweidenPostma brands are also part of the group.

Total Identity Groep operates as part of a European partner network of independent agencies. 

Amsterdam, 20 June 2016 - From now on, Total Identity is to be the distribution partner for the Benelux of the global market leader BrandMaker’s exclusive brand management systems. 

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