Total Identity Brand Management Tools

Total Identity Brand Management Tools

Manage, contain and inspire

Brand Book

A brand book is usually made for the fellow workers in an organization but also for new co-workers who will get a grand overview of the brand in an inspiring way. It creates clarity about the identity of the organization - mission, vision, ambition and core values (what do we stand for, how we like to work and what we want to carry out). In contrast to a corporate brochure, a brand book is not about services.

Brand Book Characteristics

  • short and powerful copy, visually oriented
  • high quality and exclusive
  • around 16 to 20 pages
  • print, bonded and stapled

Brand Guide 

The brand guide is for everybody who is directly involved with the development of the marketing and communication activities and the brand. This can mean communication professionals (both internal and external); agencies, photographers, copywriters, etc. Content: clearly focused on the distinctive qualities and the representation of the brand, tone of voice, tone of visual etc., applied to various media.

Brand Guide Characteristics

  • overview of the brand proposition
  • basic elements
  • do’s and don'ts
  • overview visual language, key images, corporate images
  • around 24 to 32 pages
  • fixed table of content / structure
  • A4 printed / PDF

Corporate Identity Guide

The corporate identity guide is for internal and external creative professionals and brand managers. It’s a user guide for co-workers.

Corporate Identity Guide Characteristics

  • basic brand elements at a glance
  • length: 2-3 panels
  • printed, laminated; something to keep around the office

User Guide Characteristics

  • templates for stationery and PowerPoint
  • style guide

Brand Manual

The brand manual is for internal creative professionals and brand managers. The rich corporate identity guide contains standard basic elements and models with six fixed clusters: organizational communication, office automation, marketing communication, buildings and environment, vehicles/equipment and clothing. 

Brand Manual Characteristics

  • 100% standard basic elements
  • models with six fixed clusters
  • detailed table of contents
  • attached to the Brand Guide, or printed in hardcopy
  • A3 ring band
  • provided with standard (open) source files
  • can be produced on-demand

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