Holland: Stern Group

Holland: Stern Group

Creating a clear corporate design and brand portfolio

The Stern Group is a large automotive company. The Stern Group consists of sales points for many car makes; rental, leasing and financial products; specialists in built-in accessories; and facilities for all operating companies.

The question

Since it became a listed company, Stern has certainly had the wind in its sails. However, the ‘buy & build’ strategy led to an unclear profile. Communications from the Stern Group have many strata and thus also many media. This led to a diffuse picture.

The challenge

Because of the plethora of brands and operating companies, it was no longer clear that this was a single group. A comprehensive inventory and strategy were the basis of a communications infrastructure that links communicators and target groups to each other in an understandable way.

The concept

The company has used a tern (a bird called stern in Dutch) as its symbol. Free, independent and available in many varieties, this creature symbolized a lot of what Stern stands for. Restyling the main logo and developing brand variants for all operating companies created a clear idea of what the organization stands for and also a recognizable endorsement of parent and subsidiaries. The main logo shows a powerful picture of a tern (stern in Dutch). The sub-brands have a reference to the tern, but apart from that, have been conceived as a word-based logo so that, in communications from these companies, there is no strong competition with common car brands. The strong and memorable pay-off ‘mobility matters’ is added to emphasize what the company wants to be remembered by.

The added value

The essence of the company philosophy is that the Stern Group wants to be a reliable, independent, solid partner for all car makes, suppliers and purchasers. With the consistency in the brand portfolio, the visibility and publicity is optimized.

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