Europe: Schiphol THEGROUNDS

Europe: Schiphol THEGROUNDS

Sustainable aviation

The Schiphol Group wants to establish a cluster for Sustainable Innovators to focus on the climate problem that the airport will be facing in the years to come.

The question

In addition to Schiphol Airport, the home base of various Dutch airlines and a major international hub, the Schiphol Group also manages the industrial estate surrounding the airport. Schiphol Group wants to use this location for sustainability innovation in the airport industry. The company was facing questions how to gain support of stakeholders and shareholders in the project.

The challenge

In order to gain support, the cluster will be presented as a brand. Location branding can be a powerful tool for the development organization it serves. To make location branding successful we came up with four preconditions. First of all, the brand must be made relevant and should be included in wider climate discussions. Secondly, the location – the cluster of Innovators and the founding fathers – must be regarded as a brand. Thirdly, the brand must be regarded as a mental market leader. And finally, the brand should strengthen market activities.

The concept

The name developed for the location, theGROUNDS, must be conceived as an international business platform. Key objectives of the identity are interaction, meeting and achieving transitions, which are then translated into the descriptor ‘Connect to transition’. The name theGROUNDS strengthens this identity via the three dimensions of the word: the mental dimension (the combining of strengths), the physical dimension (the grounds, the location, the real estate) and the conceptual dimension (the principle of change). Connectivity is a recurring angle of incidence. The identity of the location is based on this and has an obvious association with Schiphol Airport.

The added value

Corporate opinion is what it is all about and so different communication is structured in 3 brands: a network for discussion and interaction, a level with showcases and a place where solutions are researched for, explored and discovered. The central communication theme of ‘GET IN TOUCH!’ will be used to call on stakeholders to contact each other regarding sustainability issues for airports. 

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