Russia: Zumla

Russia: Zumla

A new interactive sensation from the Russian Federation

WHY: Entering a new domain requires a company mindshift

With what strategy and what means can we reach new audiences for a new social media platform? That’s the basic quest of the Russian Ekarto Group (originated in geodata en digital wayfinding) looking for a brand strategy and identity for their new IT developing a global interactive social platform connecting place, time and people.

Zumla is the next step for EkartoGroup in the development of geodata and finding a new position on the market for digital and social citizins. Zumla will facilitate digital globetrotters with the instant tools they need to enrich their lifes.

Zumla has to compete and benchmark to Facebook, Foursquare and Pinterest, integrating place/time/communication functions of all of these platforms.

HOW: The brand’s proposition justified an intuitive process

In order to develop the Brand strategy and brand Identity, Total Identity described brand scenarios and plotted them on a competitors landscape. As such a clear outline for the brand strategy was defined.

The brand strategy had a creative focus convinced as we are that the Zumla brand needs ‘the magic’ necessary to distinct from the main competitors and to attract the users:

“Zumla is the next generation location based social network, enabling the user to please it’s curiousity and satisfy it’s vanity. Discovering ones 6th sense and navigating through a whole new world of social benefits.”

WHAT: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity

Discover me/ discover Zumla is Zumla’s proposition and translated into a clear design program facilitating Zumla’s personal brand concept

Based on the 6th sense brand strategy, the brand language uses activity aura’s to express the vibrance of individual activities. The brand icon represents the sum of all users’ activity aura’s, in the user icons the activity aura’s generate personalized brands.
User Interface Design blueprints complemented these principles into multi accesable screens.

In the design process global Focus groups have rated/tested naming, proposition and logo design. These insights guaranteed the final execution for a true global reach and acceptance of the Zumla brand.

Zumla successfully implemented the platform based on the brand principles developed.

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