Russia: Sochi Park

Step into a world of fairy tales

When was the last time you allowed yourself to daydream; to get away from the mundane and go on a journey to a magic world full of wonders and adventures? Be inspired by the rich world of Russian folklore with its heroes, miracles and characters from popular fairy tales. Ride on the back of the fire-breathing dragon, Zmey Gorynych. Marvel at the colourful equestrian show, make friends with the fairy-tale beauty, Vasilisa, or uncover the secrets of the inhabitants of the enchanted forest. Step into the world of Sochi Park, the first and grandest theme park in Russia. Experience something you’ve never been allowed to experience before. Guaranteed!


The briefing was clear: a theme park is more than an amusement park with rides. Develop an identity for the theme park and the hotel that relates to the Russian public’s experience, communicates an emotion, brings people together through storytelling and is appealing to children, families and young adults. Develop brand that encompasses emotion, fantasy and experience.

Inspired by Russia’s rich history and guided by Russian heroes such as the Bogatyr knights, we explored this magical world. Then we split it into different thematic zones. The concept: as soon as you enter Sochi Park’s gateway, you undergo a transition: you leave the real world and step into the fantasy world of Sochi Park.

Magical landscape

The inspiration for the letters in the Sochi Park logo emerged from the Russian myths and fairy tales together with the various themed zones with their unique characters that we had developed. The lower half of the letters is ordinary, representing the real world, whereas the upper half depicts the world of fantasy, designed using a rich colour palette and unique symbols. The logo was developed in Russian and English. The Bogatyr Hotel logo is of course an extension of the Sochi Park logo. For each of the different themes (Eco village, Bogatyr, Land of Sci-Fi, Entrance, Enchanted forest), visible and distinctive thematic identities were designed. For specific themes we use colour ramps, special backgrounds, icons, symbols and theme banners. In other words, we created a magical landscape. In doing so we distinguish three levels of communication: corporate, branding and experience.

In partnership with our Russian client, we have created a world full of magic and adventure for future visitors of Sochi Park!

Sochi Park logo

Sochi Park

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