Global: Royal Van Zanten

Global: Royal Van Zanten

Creating a brand that makes your company bloom

With 150 years of history, Koninklijke Van Zanten is the world’s largest company that produces organic material for breeders. A universal yet unique corporate identity helps to create a uniform and powerful global presence.

The question

Royal Van Zanten is the new name of Koninklijke Van Zanten and its subsidiaries. Several takeovers helped the company to become world leader in its field, but this also presented the company with problems regarding positioning and profiling. Van Zanten asked us to help them to become more visible on a global scale and to show more coherence as a company.

The challenge

We developed a corporate identity and branding policy based on the binding elements within the company. A corporate story served as a manifest. The company history showed that Royal Van Zanten played it’s role mainly as a pioneer. Product development (new species of flowers), visionary product facilities and entrepreneurship in chain-wide solutions are all exponents of the innovative (and reliable) profile of the company. This insight led to a self-aware and self-confident Van Zanten. We decided to use this as carrier for the new identity.

The concept

The main focus for the logo had to be growth, innovation and carefree varieties. The logo that we created based on our study consists of three elements that symbolise development, growth and bloom, the three evolutionary stages in the process. The simple shapes are based upon circles. The colours are strong and complementary. This gives the logo a sense of strength while the pay off surprising nature accentuates the pioneering mentality of the company. The royal status and international character of the company led to the name Royal Van Zanten.

The added value

Royal Van Zanten introduced a corporate identity which hasn’t met its equal in the field of floriculture yet. Herewith the leadership of the company is made manifest and visible. The new identity encapsulates everything the company stands for in a simple and appealing way.


The Royal van Zanten corporate identity won a 2002 Red Dot Award for High Design Quality.

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