Global: Royal Haskoning

With nearly 130 years of expertise under its belt, royal status in the Netherlands, interesting international projects, and reinforced by over 4000 engineers, advisers and architects, Royal Haskoning is one of the top players worldwide in the field of consultancy and engineering.

The question

In order to acquire an even more solid position in a rapidly changing playing field, and to better meet ever-changing customer demands throughout the world, Royal Haskoning asked us to work on its positioning and profile. By re-orienting the company within this changing world and holding a number of workshops, we were able to help formulate answers to the questions: Who are we? What do we stand for? How do we view the world? Where do we want to be? Which markets do we want to develop? And how do we want to serve our customers?

The challenge

All of our efforts resulted in the charting of a new course based on a new theme focusing on an integral customer approach. Since that time, Royal Haskoning also decided to reorganise, changing its structure from 23 separate divisions into five integrated business lines.

The concept

This new positioning does not focus on technology, knowledge and expertise (although these are pre-conditions), but instead targets the social effect and the related continuous interaction between man and the environment. This resulted in the new pay off and communications platform ‘Enhancing Society’.

Using this as a foundation, the corporate identity was revitalised and the symbolism and dynamics were reinforced. A ‘new’ Royal Haskoning thus arose from the human emotions aspect and the communicative focus on the end values. To visualize this a new graphic element was introduced: the heartbeat.

The added value

This means less communication based on the former division-based thinking, and more focus on the business lines and customer demand; if you understand the customer’s world, you can understand the challenges they face. Finally, we worked on all of the corporate publishing materials. In an organisation such as Royal Haskoning, an enormous volume of documents is generated by very different people in many locations around the world. We developed a system in which every possible publication was assigned a location, and from this location, employees can work with standard templates. Not only is this efficient because of the time it saves, it is also effective, since it is professional, high-quality, and completely in line with the new positioning.

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