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Royal FloraHolland is a cooperative of growers of flowers and plants. Since 1911, the cooperative has developed into a global marketplace. It has about 4.500 members of which approx.. 750 are based abroad. The annual turnover amounts 4.5 billion euro. The direct and indirect employment within the sector provides 250,000 full-time jobs. The Greenport as a whole is responsible for 20% of the Dutch trade surplus and the facilitator of the fastest logistical chain in the world.

Due to globalisation and digitalisation Royal FloraHolland needed to reinvent itself. Growing from auction house to a global market place where innovation, market knowledge, promotion and inspiration meet. By doing so, Royal FloraHolland is able to add more value to the entire chain and to build more market volume.

Royal FloraHolland asked Total Identity to work on a future-proof identity and profile, to ameliorate their position in the competitive field. With a new mission, vision and strategy, shaped in a series of workshop with the staff and member, Royal Flora Holland is one step closer to its aspirations for 2020: "Flowering the world, planting seeds of opportunity for our members."

We designed a colourful world full of fascinating contrasts.” Dimitri van Loenen, Senior designer.


Based on the Strategy Royal FloraHolland 2020 and a series of creative workshops with employees and management the identity was described. Based on the new mission ‘Flowering the world together, planting seeds of opportunities for our members’, we helped Royal FloraHolland to reinvent the cooperative as a smart, innovative and ambitious organisation. In line with this new positioning a new identity has been developed as an integral programme; both internally and externally through all branded touch points and media formats.   


The basis of the new identity is the concept of Fascinating Combinations: the rational logistical machine and market place combined with the passion for flowers and plants and the beautiful colours of nature. With more than 100,000 transactions per day of about 400,000 different species of flowers and plants, it is a perfect foundation for a colourful yet structural identity. We wanted to create an evolutionary approach so we kept the essentials but created a whole new dynamic ‘living’ identity. Not just visually but to revitalise the entire cooperative.

Let’s make the world a little bit more beautiful and healthier; Flowering the world!

"The ambitions, opportunities and challenges for the sector are enormous. The world never stands still, and we have to innovate constantly. Royal FloraHolland is the connector in the floriculture industry. We support the growth of our customers and members. We connect, communicate, facilitate, innovate and boost our members and customers to make them even more successful. To achieve the ambitions of Royal FloraHolland in 2020, we must look not only at what we do but how we behave." Lucas Vos, Royal FloraHolland CEO.

 "I find it amazing that we succeeded – for an organisation with such a long history – to formulate and introduce a new identity and branding together [with Total Identity] in such a short notice. Just think of all the various stakeholders we have to take into account... I believe we will create a blooming success together. Total Identity understood the dynamics and complexity of our processes at once. Respectful, and yet confrontational, [Total Identity], with a sharp strategic orientation, helped us design the cooperative new identity to be fit for the future." Katja Bouwmeester, RFH Media Communication Manager.

For more information watch Lucas Vos, CEO of FloraHolland, "Unveiling the new identity of Royal FloraHolland":


Strategic direction: Bob Van der Lee
Creative direction (Koeweiden Postma): Eddy Wegman
Content strategy: Sieds de Boer
Account direction: Marco de Haan
Account management: Anke Valkhof
Senior designer: Dimitri van Loenen
UX/UI Designer: Thomas Pleeging
Designer: Sümeyra Günaydin

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Client director
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Dimitri van Loenen

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