Rebranding of De Nederlandsche Bank

Rebranding of De Nederlandsche Bank

Solid foundation, clear vision

A new impetus for De Nederlandsche Bank

In the last couple of years, the trust towards banks, insurance companies and retirement funds has declined dramatically. Because of this the Dutch central bank’s major role as supervisor in the financial field also came under pressure. With a new direction board, de Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) decided upon a change program. The main goals remain working on financial stability and trust, but now, in the European field, De Nederlandsche Bank is affiliated with the Eurosystem of the European Central Bank. The introduction of this bank union shows the importance of the new role of De Nederlandsche Bank, which shouldn’t be underestimated. The change program is the starting point for De Nederlandsche Bank’s new identity. This new identity is captured in a new corporate story with solid brand values: representative, decisive, visible and solid

DNB kernwaarden

On top since 1814

DNB has always been a unique player in the financial field: it has been the Dutch central bank since 1814. This continuity creates a significant responsibility to create a healthy, financial prospects that makes DNB fit for the future.
Starting from its core resposibilities, DNB has a specific role. DNB is a strong partner and executor for ECB-decisions, is a stabilising factor for the financial market, and is an independent supervisor. After all, DNB is the Netherland’s oldest, fundamental banking organization. In the new corporate style, these responsibilities and actual duties meet within the design.
With a clear positioning and focused internal branding program, DNB is capable of reaching its different target audiences (financial sector, general public and education) with a strong message. In this way DNB retakes it’s unique position.

Nieuw logo DNB

DNB brochures

DNB grafiek

DNB brochures

DNB signing

Solid foundation, clear vision

A sustainable logo makes sure that DNB can create a clear vision with a symbolic foundation. The new style is made up from a corporate logo and an integral corporate identity in combination with design programs for all on- and offline strategies. DNB’s unique position comes across excellently in the simple yet firm logo: the word ‘Nederlandsche’ standing out in an abstract rectangular base. This makes DNB adaptive within any context and towards any target audience. Colour plays a major role: often financial companies use blue while purple is the colour of independence. This has lead to the use of the colour royal blue. In September 2014, the new corporate identity, with the new message and logo ,was launched. The anniversary celebration of 200 years De Nederlandsche Bank was an excellent moment to do this. An activating film and clear reference guide made sure that everyone at DNB got involved with the new brand straight away.

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