Our values

When I first entered this company, I felt something was happening here. What happened, was a group of people thoroughly committing themselves to a certain subject. A subject that apparently needed to be studied, understood, applied and developed, time and again. It drove the atmposhere with a certain fierce determination.

This, here, is not about passion. It is about a sacred need.

Our subject is design. We understand design as the tangible and manageable form of themes and futures, as the consistent pursuit of a necessary thought, as the implementation of scenarios, as the conceptualisation of a country and a culture from its mere essence. We help discover, stimulate dreams, make them real, visualise direction. Design is never a 'being', but always a 'becoming', because what is there needs criticizing and improving. We are normative, in a willingly and knowingly manner, we define laws.

Our subject is interaction and innovation. We understand virtual domains as autonomous and more than a supplement, because what merges online has repercussions on the offline world and what is true in one place has a different significance in a network. We drive innovation and turn the virtual into real and tangible perspectives. We change laws, models and experiences, to lead our thinking and that of our environment. We accept dynamics as a working method.

Our subject is identity. We understand identity in an applicable manner, as shared ambition, as origin and future simultaneously, as a construct of the interaction with one’s environment, as a shared values system. Identity is a complex concept, as it escapes us each time we pursue its essence. We are searching for the philosopher’s stone. It is an onrushing finish, partly because of ourselves.

We have no alternative for what we do. We can only exist at the high level we operate on. Without that level, we would not be ourselves and would not stand a chance.

But damn – what it brings us and the world! What a unique clustering of brainpower and quality awareness! What an unspoken, but deep, mutual understanding. What an obvious desire for renewal, an indispensable perseverance.
That's what I wanted to belong to. Then, today, tomorrow.

Total is a choice.

Stijn van Diemen

Thanks to Stijn

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Stijn van Diemen

Creative strategist
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