Optimum brand experience

Optimum brand experience

Between organisation and customer experience

In essence, every organisation faces the same question: what legitimises our organisation's right to exist? Put another way, why is it justifiable for an organisation to carry out a certain activity? The answer to this can be found in the extent to which added value is created. In practice, this simply means that the organisation's offer of products and services must meet the wishes and needs of its customers, in as surprising a way as possible. If the added value is substantially larger than the added value offered by other suppliers, then the customer will show his appreciation in three ways, namely preference, loyalty and readiness to invest. The reverse is also true; a lack of added value will mean the customer will have no trouble switching to the alternatives provided by other suppliers. These days we see this phenomenon occur in a lot of markets. Customers move relatively easily from one supplier to another. If an organisation wishes to guard against this then it will have to come up with a unique offer based on its own skills that is better than what the competitors are offering. It is then immediately clear that the creation of added value surpasses finding the right balance between a) a company's own competences b) its relevance to the customer and c) its distinguishing capacity in relation to the competition. By offering the right added value, the organisation creates a strong market position and ensures its right to exist. 

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