NEW BOOK: Identity Colour Codes

NEW BOOK: Identity Colour Codes

Author: Felix Janssens, 01-04-2014

Identity Colour Codes

Felix Janssens - creative director at Total Identity - in collaboration with Hollandse Hoogte and Bis Publishers produced the book Identity Colour Codes about the binding powers of colours. This project is the 100% visual result of an investigation into corporate identity. Corporate identity is founded on exclusivity and its symbols are exclusive trademarks. However, in these times of social media, open source and sharing, there is a need for what are known as social identities with generic and widely accessible visual elements. Looking for the lowest common denominator for identity, Felix Janssens has chosen colour as the vehicle that is able to unite individuals and organisations. The book is a collection of 100+ identity codes, each having its own label, where context and colour each have their own individual meaning. For example: Premium White, Pristine White, Sensation White, Infinite Blue, Trust Blue and Peace Blue, Dutch Orange, Guantanamo Orange and Ukraine Orange.

This book reveals the hidden structure of the world along the line of colour. New visual patterns and unseen relationships are made visible. This book is a discovery of cultures and subcultures and it shows how companies, organisations and individuals can use colour as an identification of a shared conviction or value. It is a 100% visual style guide for creative professionals, trend watchers and anthropologists, a picture book for people who think with their eyes and look with their brains.

Sample pages

Identity code yellow

Identity code purple

Identity code orange

Identity code blue

Identity Colour Codes – How Colours Unite us all

Author: Felix Janssens
Publisher: BIS Publishers

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