Name Development

Name Development

Strategic & Co-creative Approach is fun to give and fun to receive.  With the introduction of download cards, Cartamundi brings the offer of digital content back to the retail environment.  The download card gives the consumer access to digital entertainment: e-books, TV-shows, e-cartoons, ...  A unique code on the card is the KEY to the content.  

We helped Cartamundi to find the name for this totally new concept using a strategic and co-creative approach to Naming.

A name is the expression of the identity of your brand.  That’s why we started with a positioning workshop with the Cartamundi strategic  team.  In a “Brand Compass”, we defined the identity of the new concept: How do we see the future, what is the ambition with this new concept?  Who are the target groups and what will be the added value for them?  Since we use our whole brain (the so called Left and Right hemispheres) when we experience brands, we also defined the intuitive, emotional brand personality with the help of visualisations and photosorts.  This way, the team defined a unique and differentiating positioning for the new concept and a framework for a strategic decision on the name.  

The next step was to determine the Naming strategy. Which meanings and associations is the name meant to express?  What story do we want it to tell?  We defined these parameters in the Name scorecard, which is is a strategic tool used as the briefing for the name creation and as a checklist for selection.  

A participative or “Co-creative” process is a very powerful way to involve employees & stakeholders in finding a new name; it guarantees a shared platform and pride for the name.  This is why we set up a large “creative project team”: the decision makers, people from different departments in the company and some "wild gooses" or external creatives from our network.  The Namestorm then is a creative session during which we generated hundreds of names.  In phases of exploration (diverging) as many names as possible were generated based on a number of semantic fields and word clouds from which we wanted the meaning of the name to derive. We explored different linguistic backgrounds, verbal styles, symbolism and mythology.  We then selected favorite names (converging) and continued crafting these naming concepts. 

After the namestorm, we leave the names to “sleep on it” for a little while.  It is a known aspect of creativity that often the best ideas still pop up when one doesn’t concentrate on it anymore. After this, we took time for research (negative meanings or undesired connotations or websites), reflection and further creation. It is in this phase that came up in the shortlist.  A small scale research among target groups gave the necessary information to take decisions.  We understood how the favorite names positioned the concept and the strategic project team took a decision based on those conclusions & recommendations. Hence was born!

Chris Hoerée, our Naming expert at Total Gramma has been in charge of many naming projects over the years, starting with Yaris and Aygo for Toyota.  See also "Naamontwikkeling van A tot Z".