Manage the gap

Manage the gap

The importance of dual policy in respect of brand and identity

Identity and brand are inextricably linked to each other. A brand without identity is heading towards dismantling its 'being'.

An identity without a brand doesn't generate any volume. What is important is that we know the difference and the necessity of understanding both concepts, as they are both essential.
The brand achieves according to the actual demand of the target groups. It focuses on distinguishing capacity and communicates unique selling points. Following on from this, the brand expresses a promise from which temptation or activation stems, which makes it a strategic instrument for achieving marketing objectives.
Diametrically opposed to the brand, sometimes at the same height or at a varying distance, identity maps out the transformation task. Identity is ahead in time and touches the next paradigm. Identity strives for relevance and seeks connections to organisations' next strategic task. As I have said, there is a distance between the brand and identity that varies. Both are needed for organisations' continuity. The distance between them becomes clear when the current relevance is compared to the next step. How current are we at this moment, and to what extent are we preparing ourselves to take the next step in these surroundings? 

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