Korea: ShinYoung and G-Well

Korea: ShinYoung and G-Well

New identity for Korean real estate innovator

ShinYoung is a company that focuses on real estate development. It’s a small but powerful company that seeks the role of innovator and trendsetter rather than trend follower.

The question

To manage and operate the finished buildings, ShinYoung created a brand: G-Well. Real estate in Korea is a tough market that requires constant innovation and relentless focus on quality. It is considered a problem that the image of the company is pretty much the image of the CEO. Other problems are the low visibility and non existent association with ShinYoung of the construction sites and the finished projects.

The challenge

A remarkable and consistently applied corporate design programme would strongly support ShinYoungs ambitions and characteristics. The challenge is to communicate the different propositions to the right target groups, so the communication of G-Well is divided into three sections: G-Well homes (business-to-consumer, apartment buildings), G-Well estates (business-to-consumer, high end apartments) and G-Well realty (business-to-business, commercial real estate).

The concept

The key values of ShinYoung and G-Well are trustworthy, promising, creativity and (the feel of) home. ShinYoung is the initiator, the developer of plans and projects and the founder of the real estate programmes; G-Well is the result and the continuation of the efforts of ShinYoung. Both brands derive their corporate design from nature. The concept of initiating and fully exploiting the real estate projects has been visualized by abstract images of the same concept in nature. The initial efforts, the preparation of the land and the planting of the seed has been captured in the symbol for ShinYoung: a bud symbolizes growth. The symbol for G-Well is based on the resulting blooming and blossoming of the plant on colorful flowers. In the case of G-Well estates an even richer and fuller flower, the peony, which is in Korea a strong symbol of luck and prosperity.

The added value

We have made the new design into a platform for growth and innovation. In a way, the corporate design can be used as a source of inspiration and on the other hand makes the business visible and more tangible. This evolution is emphasized by the various innovative projects, such as a new concept of a serviced residence called Somerset Palace in Seoul and the 1st domestic private urban development project GWell City, that are attracting much praise in the international real estate market.

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