Korea: Hanaro Telecom

Korea: Hanaro Telecom

Enhancing Korean broadband carrier's market share

The Korean broadband carrier Hanaro Telecom is a major player in its domestic market. The ambition of the company is to become market leader.

The question

A steady growth has brought the Korean high-speed telecom provider Hanaro Telecom from the top 30 to the top numer 2 position. It is only surpassed by former government operated KT. KT’s position is still very strong but the lingering civil service approach to work commercially allows for more competition and the company has the ambition to become market leader.

The challenge

In order to meet the challenge Hanaro reorganized drastically to be able to get in line with new market demands. A chance to revise the corporate design as well, because the company’s symbol did not fit the highly competitive telecom market. It could not sufficiently represent the rising demand for brand recognition. Hanaro asked us to change the visual language of the company.

The concept

We proposed a new logo featuring a hummingbird. The hummingbird was chosen for its uniqueness: it is a small, yet unbelievably strong bird, that can fly enormous distances and has a number of unmatched flying techniques. The bird’s nimbleness and agility aptly highlights the future path of the firm. The combination of the non-conventional, striking colors dark blue and pinky red form a warm, attractive contrast that works a an eye catcher.

The added value

Hanaro Telecom looks to make its presence felt in the domestic market. Enhancing market share is one of the main goals of the new corporate identity. The company has really set a cornerstone to become a genuine telecom firm by making reaches in long distance and overseas call markets.

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