Koeweiden Postma in relaunch

Press release, 13-05-2014
Auteur: Dmitri Berkhout

The Amsterdam design agency, Koeweiden Postma has announced that it is to be relaunched by becoming part of the Total Identity Group. “New impetus, new energy, new opportunities”, as Koeweiden’s strategy director Hugo van den Bos succinctly describes this development. All of Koeweiden Postma’s clients have expressed their unwavering faith in the relaunch.

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The entire creative management team will remain in place after the relaunch. Koeweiden Postma will continue to operate as an independent entity, headed by the current strategic and creative core of the agency.

Stronger position

Koeweiden Postma’s strategy director Hugo van den Bos states: “We are exceptionally pleased to have found a place in a much broader group. This will put us in a much stronger position to serve our clients. These days, it’s not just about design but about being able to offer a much broader package of services, which we are now able to do. Total Identity will make this possible for us.”


Total Identity’s CEO, Han P. Brandt, is also delighted, stating, “The expertise, experience and enormous amount of creativity at Koeweiden Postma mean an enhancement of our value proposition. Design has been the core of our agency since our founding in 1963, under the name Total Design. We are also seeing a new appreciation of the aesthetic power of design, an area in which Koeweiden Postma is very strong. As such, this agency is an outstanding addition to our portfolio.”



Hugo van den Bos
Strategy director Koeweiden Postma
T +31 651 14 11 36

Do you want to know more about this take over: 

Bob van der Lee

Managing director, Total Identity
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