Global: IHC Merwede

Global: IHC Merwede

Dutch shipyard becomes Technology Innovator

The work of Total Identity carried out in the period 2006 / 2008.

IHC Merwede was a major player in the dredging and offshore industry. The group developed, built and managed various types of vessels, equipment and systems for these markets.

The question in 2006

We lived in a time of environmental complexity and change. Rapid population growth and the negative consequences of climate change were major issues that HC Merwede was facing. There was a growing need of new energy resources and more space to live and work. With technological experience and knowhow, IHC Merwede was operating in this changing world. Adapting to change was key to survival, and this is also true for the business that IHC Merwede was in.

The challenge

Together with the management of IHC Merwede, we developed a vision on the organization and its position in the market. We wanted to make the company visible and strong - as a unit. To help them improve their image, we challenged them to become one company with a solid name, brand and identity. A company resistant to recessions and able to compete with other major players operating on a global scale.

The concept

The Technology Innovator. This pay off summed up the expertise and knowledge of 25 business units within the company in one brief statement. Secondly, we developed a new visual identity and integrated the corporate identity and communication. Another essential change was using accessible language rather than technical jargon. The communication strategy focused more and more on the position of IHC Merwede in a global context. The significant social impact on society gave the organization its legitimacy, and this was used in a specific and special way of corporate storytelling.

The added value

The corporate branding and communication programme perfectly showed that its the technology that made IHC Merwede market leader. By innovating technology the company also made sure that it continued to be market leader. And this was clear for internal as well as external audiences.

Contemporary, the company operates under the name Royal IHC.
For more information see the IHC website.


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