Identity & Branding in 10 models

Author: Renaat van Cauwenberge

With a sketch on a flip chart and a minimum amount of words, you can suddenly make a complicated subject a whole lot simpler. This was what we had in mind when we started the ‘Identity & Branding’ feature for CxO Magazine. In this issue, we are going to bundle together the first 10 models.

In as many double spreads, we shall put forward approaches and models for managing communications: on the left a schematic representation; on the right a brief explanation with a description of the model and the practical applications that we have observed. The models are intended for communications in situations in which every organisation has ever encountered (merger, change process, positioning, crisis etc.) or simply in day-to-day management issues such as marketing, maintaining the network of relationships, competitor analyses etc.

A model can simplify the reality and constrict your vision. That’s correct! A model can blind you or be too abstract. That’s correct, too! In other words, models are dangerous, but the danger ebbs away visibly when you use it as a tool. This is when models become magical. You get an overview in a single diagram. Models make something complex understandable. A schematic tool to analyse and solve complicated problems. A tool that helps you organise and structure thoughts, angles and perspectives. This way, as a communications manager, you have an instrument that you can actually work with, rather than one which you blindly accept.

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