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‘The most
Brand Portal.’
Ted Schappert, Nationale-Nederlanden

Managing a corporate style and correctly applying it to all corporate style carriers and communication resources often takes a lot of time. On top of that, corporate styles are very dynamic these days. The demand for a 'living identity' is increasing due to, among other things, the swift development of social media and the fact that people are able to quickly take advantage of new trends within marketing communication.

i-Base is updated centrally, enabling every user to automatically communicate using the correct corporate style. This guarantees consistency and, with that, the power and quality of the communication process. i-Base also ensures cost containment and often even a strong decrease in the total cost of the corporate style.

i-Base guides communication within the organisation and at the same time strengthens its identity. The platform both facilitates and inspires, and leads to efficiency with optimum communication results. i-Base 5.0 is the standard choice when it comes to online management of corporate styles. More than a hundred organisations (both governmental and non-governmental) already use their i-Base daily.

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‘The backbone of
our visual identity
Fiona Atighi, 1Logo

The four components of i-Base

i-Base has four components that interact:

  • i-Inspire provides guidelines for visual identity and communication.
  • i-Create helps you create communication resources and other corporate style carriers.
  • i-Manage functions as the common starting point for the organisation and its users.
  • i-Connect completes the i-Base as a platform for daily use. 

The modular structure

i-Base can be modularly structured according to the customer’s requirements. i-Base’s efficient use of smart modules is what makes it the lively communication work place of every organisation.


With i-Base, users from within or outside the organisation have full 24/7 access to the complete and most up-to-date guidelines, basic files and tools.

To find out more about our work for i-Base , please contact us directly 

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Business designer / Chief Intelligence
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Managing director, Total Identity
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