Korea: Hyundai Card

Korea: Hyundai Card

Creating a distinctive identity

Hyundai Card is a Korean ‘chaebol’, part of the international Hyundai corporation. The company sells credit cards to – mainly – car owners, but wants to diversify its target groups and aim for new clients.

The question

The image of the Hyundai card was good but at the same time branded it as ‘a credit card from the Hyundai car owner’. Diversity in target groups was much needed. This required a unique identity, one that would not be supported by the Hyundai symbol. Hyundai Card wanted a symbol that could serve as a company name and as a more generic brand name.

The challenge

Create a new corporate and brand Identity program and a matching design system for the Korean company Hyundai Card was a challenge met by design agencies world- wide. We entered the competition with a simple, but winning proposal: Change Hyundai Card into HyundaiCard.

The concept

The symbol also had to facilitate specific brand extensions. This required a personal style, a unique look and feel. We translated this in ‘You and I’. HyundaiCard, You and I card. By creating a symbol that bears these features HyundaiCard now has a significant position within the Hyundai family.

The visualization of the new identity is centered on the new typeface, the You- andi, a typographic family of 32 typefaces uniquely developed for HyundaiCard. We also designed the basic form of the Korean version of the Youandi to facilitate the automation of the Korean fonts with over 10.000 syllable characters.

The added value

With the new corporate and brand identity program, HyundaiCard can even aim for clients who do not drive or own a car. The company stands out and has an identity of its own. The new typographic symbol serves as a company name and as a more generic brand name. And it doesn’t even have to be supported by the well-known Hyundai-symbol: the letter ‘H’ in its oval shape.

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