HPO scan

HPO scan

Measuring prospects verdict on different reputation drivers

A lot has changed in the way we do business nowadays. Institutions are under pressure and communication borders are fading. As company, you are like a house of glass. With the adoption of the new media, there has been a change in the way we communicate. This change forms an important challenge to a lot of companies trying to manage their reputation.

The economical value of a good reputation

A reputation is a perceptual representation of a company's past actions and future prospects describing the firms' overall appeal to all its key constituents when compared to other rivals. A positive reputation works like a magnet. It strengthens the attractiveness of the company resulting in better business opportunities.

Reputation drivers

With the High Performing Organisation (HPO) scan, Total Identity tends to insight prospects verdict on different reputation drivers;

  • Products and services;
  • innovation;
  • work environment;
  • governance;
  • citizenship;
  • vision and leadership;
  • financial performances;
  • intentions to recommend;
  • brand identification.

In this case, an online quantitative research is developed to clarify the perceived image of your company (both intern as extern). The substantive aspects are based on the nine reputation drivers who are being measured during this survey. The outcome gives an extensive insight in the perception of stakeholders and measures if your corporate services and products line with stakeholders' needs.

Total Identity delivers a comprehensive report with a clear understanding of the reputation of your company. As additional service we develop an advisory-report based on the results to improve your positioning.

The scan

The High Performing Organisation (HPO) scan is structured to measure discrepancies on various levels:

  • Between the different targetgroups;
  • between the level of importance and execution;
  • between intuitive image and perceived identity;
  • between the different perceptions and execution levels of your company.

In the first stadium, nine questions are asked to provoke intuitive responses. Each intuitive question is based on a reputation driver.


The reputation drivers of a High Performing Organisation are presented as section, consisting different discursive questions. The questions are asked both on the level of importance and execution.

The discursive questions are divided in two seperate parts; importance and quality. At first, a question will be asked about the degree of importance of the aspect (in a rondom order to prevent automatism in answering) and then about the execution of it. The underlying questions are transformed in statements which will be graded on a scale from 1 = negative till 7 = positive.

In the last part of the survey, respondents are asked to fill in their personal information. This information forms the basis of the segmentation process. Results are filtered on different target groups.

The results

The outcome of the online scan will be plotted. The plotting will create a clear overview of possible chances and threats. The aim is to provide a clear, and specific view about the perceived image of your company on every domain it operates in.

Results will clarify if their is a gap between the recent- and perceived image of your company.

Give direction to your brand

This workshop clarifies your brand positioning and creates a better understanding. This process results in a document that contains a blue-print for your brand acitvities. Click here for more information.


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