Egypt: Hospius

Hospius is a player in the health care industry, offering a great variety of services ranging from infrastructural design, medical equipment supply and maintenance, training of medical staff, to complete turnkey projects to name a few. 

The question

The organization is characterized by its network structure in which collaboration with partners, suppliers and third parties lead to integrated health care solutions. The internal organizational structure grew into an external manifestation of company names and service labels, giving this ambitious small player in the health care industry an unnecessary confusing and complex profile.

The challenge

Hospius needed a recognizable profile and further professionalisation of its business. Strategy, naming, design and communication lay ahead as a challenge. In several strategic workshops with Hospius, we sharply defined the core business, reworking all products and services and matching it to a clear and understandable organizational structure.

The concept

Hospius believes that professional and sustainable health care is a human right for everyone, rich or poor and that all health care professionals should have the right to practice in a professional environment. What sets this organization apart is the Netherlands-Egypt connection.  Through colour, shape and symbolism the logo links modern Western European health care with the geographical areas of North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. By putting the emphasis on the circle rather than the cross, the logo symbolizes the integral approach of the Hospius group with its subsidiaries to all aspects of health care.

The added value

The Hospius Group stands for co-created and integrated hospital environments, developed through us, by us and for us. The introduction of the pay off ‘integral health care solutions’ provides the finishing touch, presenting a fresh new identity through which the Hospius Group is recognized as a professional and international organization on a health care mission.

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