Holland: PinkRoccade Healthcare

Holland: PinkRoccade Healthcare

Identity driven innovation

From insights and abilities to people and products

All these requirements and developments have one thing in common: matters needs to be interconnected frequently and at many levels. The more seamless these connections are, the better and more efficiently both the care provider and care recipient will experience healthcare. PinkRoccade Healthcare, the market leader in software for the healthcare industry, is able to facilitate these connections and raise their quality to a high level.

The realisation that dialogue-driven care is needed is growing in the industry: the care recipients direct their own care process and thereby contribute to improved efficiency and a better care experience. However, increasing dialogue is already taking place between care professionals and between the professionals and industry suppliers, including PinkRoccade Healthcare. This has led to an increase in shared knowledge and the start of a process of product co-creation. In the case of PinkRoccade Healthcare this applies to the software that creates care value: through efficiency, an optimum care experience and the possibility of enriching the care provider’s range of services.

It is therefore very important that these insights are shared and supported within PinkRoccade Healthcare. After all, the dialogue between the company and its clients usually takes place on the work floor where it has to lead to the right results. This requires a complete understanding of PinkRoccade Healthcare’s proposition and for every member of staff and manager to make their own contribution to it.

Making things visible and sharing

PinkRoccade Healthcare’s understanding of the market and proposition are systematically approached and discussed by the drafting of a brand compass. Identity, brand and profile are described in terms of principles, course and expression. The brand compass is not a bible for the brand but it does describe the how, what and wherefore of PinkRoccade Healthcare’s desired development: the organisation’s course.

brand compass

Brand compass as a control instrument
In a 3x3 structure, Identity (top layer), branding (middle) and profile (bottom layer) are set against the desire for joint departure points (column 1), policy (column 2) and impact (column 3).

One of the conclusions that can be drawn as a result of the course, is that the organisation’s products need to be in the centre of the picture. Software is the reason and the ultimate objective of PinkRoccade Healthcare’s thinking and necessitates an analytical way of thinking on the one hand and an integral way of thinking on the other. It is this development of software products that helps the industry think about its processes and PinkRoccade Healthcare has a unique proposition.

Collection of productbrands

Sharing insights within PinkRoccade Healthcare and with its clients leads to a process of co-creation which is accessed per segment (cure, care and mental health) by setting up a content-driven customer journey. Through interviews with clients and discovering the value of the metaphors that play a role in those interviews, the actual motives are revealed and PinkRoccade Healthcare’s approach and the client’s real requirements are linked together.

The brand compass and the insights that are acquired within it are made explicit in multiple ways both inside and outside the organisation. Through an internal branding programme, by drafting product and company presentations based on the acquired insights, by tightening the brand palette and by writing and publishing white papers that present an image of PinkRoccade Healthcare’s specific insight into the problems being faced by the healthcare industry, the picture forms of a knowledge-driven organisation that uses its optimally developed software product to make a contribution to improvements in healthcare.

Healthcare needs reshaping.

The Healthcare industry is going through difficult times. The costs of cure & care as well as mental health care are increasing and so far no-one has found a way of slowing these increases down. The public authorities are making cuts from a macro-economic perspective. At the same time patients and insurers are demanding that quality is both high and visible in order to make sure the required freedom of choice is actually accomplished.
Answers are being sought from a number of different angles: from rising market forces, which mean that care providers are kept sharp and innovative because of competition; from specialisation and rationalisation of the market per region; from a mounting integration of the supply chain, which is meant to raise efficiency as well as improve collaboration and product development; and from an increasing cry for more entrepreneurship among the actual care providers, who can present themselves in terms of sustainability, service design and new business models.

Two aspects are central to healthcare: how efficient it is and how people experience it. Efficiency comes about through reducing contact time between the care provider and the care recipient, by the increasing specialisation of care segments in interventions (cure and mental health care) on the one hand, and the duty of care on the other. This requires cooperation and properly secured referrals. Within this demand for efficiency, however, the care recipient must still feel safe and understood while still expecting an optimum healthcare experience.


Whitepaper: From fewer rules to regularity

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