Holland: BoerCroon

Holland: BoerCroon

New brand strategy, Business Creators

BoerCroon has been active at the top of the Dutch corporate world and government since 1973. Since then markets have been increasingly reaching over borders and market developments are occurring more and more rapidly. Subsequent generations of (potential) employees are demanding that their work environment is configured and set out more flexibly. In short, organisations are expected to be more adaptable.

BoerCroon asked Total Identity for support in the development of a new market strategy. Total Identity developed a collaboration process in which the new vision, mission and ambition have been formulated. The result is that BoerCroon now has a strong a future-resistant market position.

Beyond Borders

Issues have become more complex because organisational and market systems are more and more tied together. This is being made possible by high value (technological) systems and the worldwide scope available to people and staff. Formulating targeted answers to the issues requires a lot of creative energy. BoerCroon creates value by bringing together people, issues, interests, principles and organisations. People exchange knowledge and share their expertise in order to bring about specific results. BoerCroon creates value by bringing together people, issues, interests, principles and organisations.

Business Creators

BoerCroon crosses borders looking for answers which are off the beaten track. They also make increasing use of the extraordinary network that they have built up. But it’s the people who remain central: the staff, the clients and the business relations that form this network.

Business Creators stand for BoerCroon’s pragmatism and the guarantee of the effort they make to bring about results and create solutions that lead to success. BoerCroon’s Business Creators are focused and unconventional. Their way of doing things makes BoerCroon mobile enough to operate successfully in the current market. Instead of using content-driven communications, BoerCroon is now building on a collection of functionalities stemming from the business. This collection forms the basis of how BoerCroon presents itself in the market. On the one hand, these functionalities consist of our consultants’ hands-on mentality and way of doing things. On the other hand there are handy applications that clients and relations are able to make direct use of in order to improve their own organisation.

BoerCroon equips its customers and relations (and its own organisation) to make a difference to the market in uncertain times by teaming up with consultants to build concrete results among its customers and offering practical instruments through its applications. BoerCroon has chosen a gradual transition of name and label. The term Business Creators is being introduced offering a new perspective to BoerCroon’s scope both at home and internationally.

Joint entrepreneurship

After completion of the idea-forming process, the new brand strategy was developed with BoerCroon’s corporate story forming the basis. Enshrined in a brand compass, this gives direction to all marketing and communications efforts.

The visual language, developed for the (future) collection of apps, forms the basis of the new corporate design which was put together following careful study. In line with the organisation’s hands-on mentality, the development of classic channels, such as the website, is based entirely on functionality. BoerCroon connects and activates in a way that is targeted at joint entrepreneurship. BoerCroon’s Business Creators get results using network dynamics.

Value creation by means of surprising connections

The brand strategy enables BoerCroon’s service and marketing activities to interlock in such a way that, in time, marketing will no longer be a business expense, but part of the primary operational process. With its collection of functionalities, the marketing organisation places the client - instead of what it is offering - in a central position, and organises presence in the market surrounding customer demand. As such, the company’s marketing efforts are simultaneously the organisation of its own work flow and service dynamics. The service efforts provide insight into customer-specific situations that are again processed into valuable market insights. 

BC merkkompas brand compass

BoerCroon’s brand compass documents the organisation’s essential principles of identity, brand and profiling.

BoerCroon has decided to say goodbye to the ampersand (&). The name is shorter, more business-like and more functional. It is a name with a new sound, whereas the brand recognition is retained within the market (the ampersand was already absent in the URL).

Beyond borders requires sharp functionality as well as intelligence. This way, communication is understood, developed and deployed as a collection of functionalities.


The idea is that minimal use of made of traditional offline channels (within the realms of practicality).

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