Holland: Amsterdam Fashion Week

Holland: Amsterdam Fashion Week

From initiative to established institution

Amsterdam Fashion Week was founded in 2004, with the goal of putting Amsterdam on the map as an inspirational and internationally oriented fashion destination. Since that time, Amsterdam Fashion Week has grown to become the Netherlands’ ultimate semi-annual fashion event. Twice a year, Fashion Week forms the centre-point of the Dutch fashion world, with a full schedule of catwalk shows, trade fairs, presentations, lectures and parties.

The question

Our agency was asked to brainstorm on and design the brand development for the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. The ambition of the Fashion Week organisers is for the semi-annual event to evolve to become a platform including continuous activities designed to connect the parties involved, and to build bridges between culture and commerce, education and business, and fashion and other creative disciplines.

The challenge

Fashion is not just about clothing... its an expression, a culture, a destiny, an industry, a business. We wanted Amsterdam International Fashion Week to maintain the ‘challenger’ status yet also become a professional platform for corporations. So the challenge that we were facing, was to create an appealing brand platform which is innovative, enterprising but also stabile, profesisonal and binding. A platform that’s able to build communities on various levels, for professionals as well as customers with an interest in fashion.

The concept

In the past the initiative was called Amsterdam International Fashion Week. In the future it will be positioned as the Amsterdam Fashion Week. All the major cities in the world have a fashion week and none of them uses the description ‘international’ in their name. In short, you should not have to tell it but experience it... The rebranded conceptual platform, aimed at business-to-business markets as well as consumer markets includes a new logo, website and the programme labels ‘Fashion Week Uptown’ and ‘Fashion Week Downtown’. Answering to immense popular demand, the latter consists of numerous public catwalk shows, parties, shop launches, lectures and expositions, all organized in collaboration with local museums, galleries, clubs and shops.

The added value

AFW has received international recognition for its initiatives towards strengthening the Dutch fashion industry and stimulating interdisciplinary collaborations.

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