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Van Leeuwen is a global industrial service provider in the tube and tube applications industry. By focusing on industry and energy markets, Van Leeuwen has specialised knowledge and experience in specific business segments. In close collaboration with its customers, van Leeuwen relies on its excellent service and unique concepts to run complex projects based on long-term relations. Van Leeuwen’s optimised logistics network means its products, experience and knowledge are available worldwide and the organisation is capable of meeting every one of its customers’ demands.


Internationally, the Van Leeuwen Buizen Groep had a huge diversity of company names and - in some cases - trademarks. A powerful brand is essential to global recognition and to be seen as reliable. It was therefore decided to develop the brand using the leading name ‘Van Leeuwen’ as the basis.

Van Leeuwen One company, one brand.


Using the company’s strategy for the coming years as the starting point, a corporate story was developed and a new brand created. The corporate story makes Van Leeuwen’s origins, development, ambitions and corporate values clear. The company’s identity and values are expressed visually in the trademark. Both enable Van Leeuwen to face the challenges in the global marketplace in the best way possible.


The new trademark is an evolutionary development of historical versions of the Van Leeuwen brand. The two lions and the shield have been retained as pointers to Van Leeuwen’s history. The heraldic visual language has been brought up to date in order to meet the demands of our time and the future.

van leeuwen logo


design management Van leeuwen i-base

Van Leeuwen's i-Base supports brand management within the organisation and simultaneously reinforces its identity. The platform both facilitates and inspires, and leads to efficiency with maximum communication results. Total Identity's i-Base is the standard choice when it comes to the online management of corporate styles. More than a hundred organisations (both governmental and non-governmental) already use their i-Base daily.

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