Global: Royal Boon Edam

Global: Royal Boon Edam

From product-based thinking to thematic marketing

Client's question

Royal Boon Edam was started in 1873 as a carpentry shop and over the years it has grown into a company that has earned the right to call itself a global market leader in revolving doors and entrance systems. Its many years of experience and presence in more than 50 countries have made Boon Edam a leading player in building access technology, offering unique, distinctive and innovative solutions. After participating in an international investment company for a number of years, the time has now come for Boon Edam to reset its course as an independent, successful family business. The underlying theme is a more effective central management and development (internal assignment) and a stronger international profile (external assignment).


Ambitious plans have been made for lasting growth based upon a vision that focuses on continuity in the long term. An organisation development matrix and brand strategy were developed, stemming from the vision set out by the board. In order to orchestrate sufficient buy-in at a local level, enough room was deliberately left for the required dialogue with and input from the country opcos. The challenge was how to switch a considerably technical and product-oriented company on to thematic marketing from the perspective of central brand thinking.


In order to avoid the occurrence of multiple local 'incidents', all activities were bundled together into a conceptual platform called 'Around Boon Edam'. Following a two-day session involving 24 countries, an Around One Boon arena was developed along with a toolkit with which the local MTs could get started. By sharing best practices and feedback from business planning initiatives, insights were gained as to which countries would embrace this new way of thinking.

The implementation

The corporate design was aligned with the revised identity which led to a logical refreshment of the label: A new brand icon, now linked to the newly developed pay-off. This was supported by the introduction of a communicative and binding corporate element: the Boon Edam prism. Furthermore, the colour palette was simplified and tightened up and its tone of style and voice defined. Total Identity also restructured the image bank and divided it into three distinct levels of communication: corporate, thematic and product.

A clear structure was also applied to communications whereby the right subjects were repeatedly brought to the attention of the appropriate interested parties. With regard to online expression, a new website, a publication line, house-style tools and marketing communications were put in place. The whole concept was assembled in a brand guide.

The added value

Added value can be found on three levels:

  • Strategic: the brand model is truly anchored in each country's business planning, which has transformed it into a strategically leading element; an organisational development assignment instead of brand look and feel.
  • Tactical: markets and target groups are regarded in a different way so that instead of changes being made at product level they are made to the thematic added value on the customer's side.
  • Operational: the organisations have been given tools with which a company that was previously neither branded nor marketing-oriented is enabled to use guidelines and fixed patterns to facilitate its country-specific communications.


  • Strategic assignment made clear for the organisation
  • Bottom-up approach and buy-in from more than 20 countries
  • Pragmatic approach for minimum investment and team effort 

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