Global: Royal BAM Group

Global: Royal BAM Group

Facilitating growth for one of Europe's largest construction companies

Initiative 1997

The Royal BAM Group, one of the largest construction companies in Europe, has expanded its activities extensively through mergers and take-overs. This strategy had led to a broad spectrum of activities, in which it is unclear how the companies differ and what binds them. The BAM Groep needed an identity that would facilitate growth and create clarity.


Each BAM Group Company carried its own corporate style and color. The old symbol with its concrete columns referred to one aspect of building, construction, and could not portray the proper diversity. In order to sustain further growth and show the diversity of Royal BAM Groep through one recognizable, distinctive identity, Total Identity proposed an endorsed brands structure and a more integral symbol, one that shows cohesion and the 'built environment'.

Concept BAM 1998

For the brands structure an umbrella model is used. BAM is the anchor, the four sectors or labels are the entry for the client: BAM Vastgoed (real estate), BAM Infra (infrastructure), BAM Bouw (construction), and BAM Techniek (technique). Cohesion is achieved through one distinctive basic color: light yellow, a color that allows the Groep to distinguish itself in the market. The symbol transforms into a symbol that suggests the building environment and the different sectors.

Concept BAM NBM 2000

BAM is clearly recognizable in the market and grows considerably. Meanwhile competitor NBM is taken over, which calls for another adjustment of the corporate design and identity. Question this time is how to incorporate the unique market position of NBM in the BAM identity. It is decided to maintain the good name of NBM and add NBM to the BAM logo. The distinctive yellow and symbol are maintained, also to reduce the costs for the previous operations.

Concept BAM HBG 2003

In 2002 BAM grows beyond itself. BAM has the courage and means to take over HBG, a corporation larger than the BAM Corporation. A construction giant is created. Another adjustment is needed. Soon it is clear that adding HBG to the existing name is not an option: BAM NBM HBG is to abstract. Choosing between the BAM yellow or the orange green of HBG is more difficult, but the solution is obvious. HBG has considerable more hardware than BAM. A transformation to yellow would cost millions. Therefore the new company chooses one name: BAM, combined with the original BAM symbol and the orange green of HBG. The specific horizontal stripes of the original BAM house style are used for the communication means and the orange get more presence.


Important tool in the transformations is i-Base, an interactive application developed by Total Identity for consistent and quality corporate design management. i-Base is an Internet-oriented database with all the building blocks, guidelines, files and examples to implement, manage and update the corporate design. Reproducing items in a consistent manner is one of the features that allow for a smooth transition in each phase of the process of how to become BAM. 

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