Global: Kranendonk

The positioning compass

Using what is known as a ‘brand compass’, the various aspects of the new positioning are mapped out. Kranendonk as Technology Centre is placed in the centre; the four key roles form quadrants around it. These roles are translated into core values (technical creative, results oriented, involved and inspired). Around these, the various different stakeholders are represented. The model is completed using a stepping motion to indicate that the roles are constantly evolving.

New mission, vision, ambition and profile

Kranendonk’s new identity rests on the following components:


People always organise their work within the technical potential they have been given.’


By implementing intelligent robot technology, Kranendonk enables its customers to translate their manufacturing challenge into clear work processes that are efficient and effective.’


By simultaneously filling the roles of engineer, supplier, supporter and partner Kranendonk strives towards becoming a leading Technology Centre for robotised automation. Kranendonk maintains strong relationships with customers, partners, universities and ambassadors.


Kranendonk is the Robot Technology Centre for non-repetitive manufacturing. We can achieve this by filling four roles at the same time: engineer, supplier, supporter and partner. A key component of our position as Technology Centre is our power to connect with various different stakeholders. We talk to our customers and partners about business processes, manufacturing challenges and new technological possibilities. This always leads to improvements in the labour processes thereby enabling people to perform their jobs better. 

KRANENDONK corporate identity

Kranendonk of Tiel is collaborating with Total Identity on its strategic marketing, design and communications. The company’s new positioning is based on its role of Technology Centre for robotised manufacturing. Kranendonk can achieve this by filling four roles at the same time: engineer, supplier, supporter and partner. If these roles are all performed in a balanced manner, the company will be able to grow confidently into a position as Technology Centre. The key to this is the power to connect with the various stakeholders, each of whom requires a different approach.

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