Global: KLM Cargo

Global: KLM Cargo

Differentiation in product presentation to 200 destinations

KLM CARGO's worldwide service ranges from standard airport-to-airport transport to complex logistics solutions. The industry development meant that operating under a single name caused a lack of transparency. Total Identity took care of the necessary differentiation in product presentation.

Total Identity developed a strategy and branding branding system for KLM CARGO that has enabled it to make its wealth of services visible and recognisable. KLM CARGO is thus able to position itself against other businesses in the vertical market. At the same time, this focus encourages a customer-oriented ethos at CARGO, which was also one of this project's aims.

Working on strategy

The strategy was built around three market segments. The commodity markets, standard products and services. The market is characterised by its high volumes, with speed as its most important competence. In the case of special markets, the product and service provision are all about the specific conditions under which the shipments are carried out, for example the shipping of medicines under certain temperature conditions. The third segment consists of customized markets and is therefore made-to-measure. These are shipments that need a high level of service and intensive contact with the customer, involving, for instance, sensitive instruments or a large work of art.


Following interviews with core members of the product/market combinations, a brief/list of demands was drawn up for the brand names and label names that were to be developed. Two stages of brainstorming sessions reduced a long list of 60 to 70 names and name concepts to a short list of 6 to 8 names per brand and around 3 options per label. These names were subjected to qualitative research which involved various target groups being asked their opinion during panel sessions. Together with a recommendation by Total Identity KLM CARGO decided which names could be registered. Brand visuals were developed in parallel with the development of the short list. Each brand visualisation was developed with unity in mind; it had to be clear to the customer that KLM CARGO operates a range of activities.


The brand name 'Select' is the name for a 'standard product': air transportation of a collection of products that require basic care. The name captures a good feeling of high quality selection options The feeling of being 'in control' of the shipments is translated into a transparent way of labelling. The most important criterion is the time aspect that is translated into the labels. They also carry the connotation of volume in the aviation industry. 100, 300 and 700.


Fresh is the new brand name for a 'special product' such as the shipment of perishable goods. Combined with KLM CARGO the brand indicates competence which quickly leads to the recognition of an 'overall' perception. The label represents a code or condition under which the freight is shipped, or the nature of the freight itself. In this situation we recognise three communicative labels that reflect the nature of the cargo: Regular, Cool en Supercool. 

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