Global: Holland Financial Centre

Global: Holland Financial Centre

Promoting the Netherlands' international business climate


In 2007, following a period of modernising rules and legislation, the Ministry of Finance began a project to investigate the business and investment climate and improve it where possible. In this the ministry worked together with many parties such as the Ministries of Justice, Economic Affairs, Social Affairs and Employment. In response to this investigation, various parties in the financial sector and government set up the foundation Holland Financial Centre. This is a public-private joint venture that includes banks, insurance companies, commercial companies, pension funds and asset managers, as well as consultancies, accountancy and law firms, central government, the Authority for Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank, and the City of Amsterdam.


The aim of the HFC is to develop initiatives that will contribute to maintaining a strong, open and internationally competitive financial sector in the Netherlands so that employment can be preserved and even grow. HFC focuses its activities on a number of priority areas. The Netherlands has already proved itself in the following areas and globalisation provides considerable possibilities for international expansion:

  • Expertise in pensions and administration (Retirement management)
  • Cost-effective and efficient payment transactions (Financial Logistics)
  • Securities trading (Trading Venue)
  • Sustainability and financial services (Financial Sustainability)

In an international perspective, HFC functions as a magnet in promoting the Netherlands as a favourable climate for foreign companies to do business.
In its communications, Holland Financial Centre must constantly emphasise the legitimacy of its role and activities by continuing to develop initiatives and to demonstrate their worth by carrying them out successfully.


Total Identity has made a visual analysis of the use of colours and logo by a number of competitors. This analysis has shown the visual world of financial centres is typified by a dominant use of blue and white colours and generic symbols – usually related to the image of a centre. The new logo refers to three aspects:

  • Recognition of the unique proposition through a typographical logo that is read vertically;
  • Significance of financial transactions and economic growth through symbolisation of a financial statistic;
  • Confirmation that this concerns the Dutch financial sector by use of the colour orange.

In order to be able to focus communications at the level of priority areas, labels have been developed for marketing communications for Retirement Management, Financial Logistics, Trading Venue and Financial Sustainability. The logo and the typographical style establish and characterise the visual identity of Holland Financial Centre. To supplement this, an individual corporate photographic style has been developed that differs from traditional images such as attaché cases and handshakes and pictures of the stock exchange. In this exclusive black & white photography, we have opted for a bicycle as metaphor - a traditionally Dutch symbol that has proven itself as a strong, innovative product. Holland Financial Centres' collective effort towards success has already achieved many concrete results and the matching identity has made these results manifest. Holland Financial Centre, success matters. 

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