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GustoMSC positioning wallpaper

Summary of the marketing strategy
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The identity trajectory and the way it is developed into a market strategy are transparently and clearly represented on a positioning wallpaper, a guiding instrument for the corporate identity and collective ambition of the company. It shows who GustoMSC is, where the company stands in the world and how it wishes to deal with its various client segments. Intensive collaboration with global oil and gas corporations, top contractors and project developers in wind energy is key to developing knowledge about important themes in the market. With the ‘Inner Circle’ market segment, GustoMSC develops ‘next practices’: subjects for deep sea and Arctic areas. With the ‘contractors’ market segment, GustoMSC is able to complete its service: by gaining knowledge about units in operation, GustoMSC is able to customise and optimise basic designs. With the ‘Partners’ market segment, GustoMSC develops its ‘best practices’. Crystallised basic designs find their way to yards and investors (Multipliers) across the whole world. These designs develop into series and, in the best case scenario, into ‘world series’. GustoMSC mainly provides guidance and assistance in developing the basic design into a detailed design. This places GustoMSC in a position to retain its product leadership.

Market segmentation, target groups, differentiation and positioning

On the current extremely high peak, it is essential to look ahead towards the next strategic assignment. On the one hand this lies in the development of intense customer relationships with game changers in the offshore energy market (the ‘Inner Circle’). On the other hand, it lies in building a large, installed base because in lesser times, that is where the engineering, consultancy and service jobs come from. Customer service is expanded further into an operations monitoring centre which is of value to the development of relationships with contractors (‘Partners’).

The three client segments, defined as Inner Circle, Partners and Multipliers each have to be tackled differently. The objective is to consciously design the different service levels so that rather than providing project-related services to the client, GustoMSC connects market players to the company’s differentiated innovation dynamics in a way appropriate to them. Adapting the internal organisation of the company so that it continues to function in various customer relationships and proposition levels is a key challenge.

This sophisticated marketing strategy not only leads to a better return on investment in general, but also offers perspective on successful investments in research and development. In 2014, the sharpened business strategy and client analysis will be further developed into a clear and consistent visual style and a customer-focused marketing and communications programme.

Above: stand at OTC 2014 in Houston.

Below: Thematic edition of the company magazine INSIDE about ‘Uptime’.

Marketing strategy and positioning

GustoMSC is an internationally operating engineering company specialising in the development of mobile offshore units for the exploration, construction and production of offshore energy. The organisation is a global market leader. Founded in 1862, the company has enjoyed a long and rich history which means that today it has a huge wealth of expertise and experience enabling it to offer the offshore energy market a multi-facetted product portfolio. The strength of GustoMSC is the extremely high level of know-how among its staff: the company employs around 150 highly qualified and knowledge-driven technical and creative individuals.

Following the privatisation of SBM Offshore in 2012, GustoMSC needed to recalibrate its identity and reposition itself in the market. Together with Total Identity, the company went through an identity trajectory that resulted in a customer-oriented strategy and distinctive positioning. An unequivocal connection was also made between the technically oriented staff on the one hand and the marketing and communications staff and sales managers on the other. This strategy has led to the company being less subject to economic cycles. What is more, the staff’s level of expertise and the continuity of GustoMSC have been safeguarded.

Dimensions of the corporate identity

The recalibration of GustoMSC’s corporate identity can be broken down into a number of areas. Working with the company, Total Identity carried out an analysis of the dynamics within the offshore energy market. In addition, we clearly identified GustoMSC’s propositions and described the nature of the individual customer relationships.

An analysis of the offshore energy market revealed that the demand for energy sources such as oil and gas is still on the increase, in particular among the developing economies. Coal and oil will only lose ground to gas (including shale gas) and sustainable sources in the long term. Offshore energy production is also taking place in complex and vulnerable locations, such as the Arctic regions. The global community is bringing the associated hazards up for discussion more and more often. An appeal is being made to the innovative power of the different players in the market. It is becoming expected of them to come up with an answer to these complex, interconnected issues, so that it becomes economically and socially acceptable and remains so.

Viewed from GustoMSC’s perspective, this image of the dynamics of the offshore energy market is so complex that the organisation’s influence on market trends is invisible, if not impossible. At the same time, it means that anticipation is hugely essential. After all, the dynamics sketched are creating periods of boom and bust within market segments. In order to be able to understand these cycles and the current stage they are at, it is vitally important that there is no delay in responding to developments. This means the company has to foster the right relationship with the game changers to negotiate with them.

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