Global: Ahold Reshaping reporting

Global: Ahold Reshaping reporting

Effective publishing tool for Ahold

Financial and strategic reporting is an essential control mechanism for Royal Ahold. Per day, per month, per quarter, per half year and per year, evaluations and reports are made on the brand and brand profits. By raising the level of reporting Total Identity was faced with the following assignment: to be more professional by developing a single style and be more efficient by creating a single publishing platform. Accountancy is to find its relevance between completeness and interpretation. In ‘Reshaping Reporting’ the ambition was to develop an effective and independent publishing tool within Ahold’s corporate identity.

One publishing platform

Reshaping Reporting consisted of 3 phases. In the first phase, the style was developed, the second phase saw the development of the publishing structure and in the final phase platforms were designed to allow the figures and content to be widely experienced.

The ‘Style Guide’ provides the style elements, grids and tools for the financials in order to publish directly from operating systems such as Excel. These are then implemented in offline and online report resources. This means reports are made using a single recognisable style within the guidelines of the brand identity and has led to the creation of a platform for financial and strategic reporting.

The next step will be to develop capacity in which figures and information (data) are actually experienced in reporting and presentations (‘the power of one number’) for the producer as well as the consumer.

online reporting 1

online reporting 2

online reporting 3

online reporting 4

online reporting

“Thanks to the compact and visual way of presentation, the discussion really is about the content. Complex material can now be quickly understood.”

Henk Jan ten Brinke
VP Investor Relations Royal Ahold

Ahold Style Guide

The Ahold Style Guide was initially drawn up for Ahold Europe before being developed into a pilot project within Royal Ahold Business Planning & Performance. The Style Guide controls all online and offline reports using a single grid in a single operating system (Excel).
The principle of the Style Guide are now being widely supported and applied within Ahold Europe, Ahold US, Business, Planning & Performance and Ahold Investor Relations. The Style Guide is linked to Ahold’s Brand Guide and corporate identity. 
At a later stage it will be incorporated into the Brandplaza / BI Operating System. 

By automating templates and style sheets, Ahold is in a better position to bring more focus to reports.

“The Ahold Style Guide enables Ahold to produce reports more efficiently and effectively. Results-oriented tools mean we can produce unambiguous and consistent reports that have a characteristic style and professional design.” 

Hendrik Jan Roel
SVP Business, Planning & Performance Royal Ahold

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