Benelux: GITP

GITP offers an integrated approach to HRM. The company enhances organizational effectiveness, performance and change by assessing and developing people and organizations. GITP advises on strategic organizational issues and implements solutions by tracing, recruiting, selecting, deploying, appraising, supervising, developing and valuing human talent.

The question

In the changing context of the market there is a need for service organisations to look beyond their clients and their customers and anticipate on changes faster than ever. Their knowledge constantly needs to be up-to-date and to be translated into pro-active solutions for their customers. Offering static services is no longer sufficient.

The challenge

GITP acknowledged the necessity for transition. Making the transition proved a challenge for the organisation. To stay ahead of competition, this specialist and Dutch market leader in Human Resources needed new focus. An intensive strategic discussion took place with the Boston Consultancy Group and Total Identity. We launched out-of-the-box thinking and organising passion became the new focus for GITP.

The concept

We made the choice to go back to the core business of GITP: the formula of assessing and developing people. In assessing and developing people, more focus is put on the individual. People tend to take more control over the direction of their career. GITP accompanies this individual process by assessing them in different stages in the context  of the phase they find themselves in. At the same time, apart from the ‘inner scientific world’, the ‘outer social world’ enters GITP. Insights no longer only come from psychology. By observing social and economic developments, scientifically founding these observations and putting them into operation through in- and external trainings and development courses, ‘Assessing and Developing’ is placed in a new frame.

The added value

The insight that GITP obtains from the connection with clients, science and society are shared with the external world. By placing itself within its context in all its forms, GITP has set course in a new direction that will force the organisation to maintain a spirit of ongoing innovation. And that’s certainly worthy of a market leader.

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