The question

ConQuaestor wanted to develop an online successor for its printed magazine f.inc. This consultancy organization focuses on the top 200 businesses and government players under the motto 'mastering finance'. With the new online f.inc, ConQuaestor wants to make the first move towards becoming the opinion leader in their sector. Thus the request followed naturally: drop the paper completely and come up with an innovative digital alternative, keeping in mind the need to maintain our visibility.

The Challenge

We reshaped the question into a customer-focus challenge: why shouldn’t we use knowledge sharing and co-creation to create a tool for effective online customer loyalty? Why not become a real knowledge label, the base of more frequent and intense personal contact moments between ConQuaestor and its clients?

The Concept 

A digital knowledge platform directly linked to an editorial process that encourages co-creation between ConQuaestor and its clients. Within each area of ConQuaestor, its advisors are invited as ambassadors and co-editors to engage the online conversation with their clients. In turn, customers are also invited to share their knowledge. Thus opinion leadership is created, while from a more practical perspective the conversation becomes food for thought for new business models.

The Added Value 

By implementing the online financeincorporated.nl, ConQuaestor can tighten the strings between the editorial landscape and its organization, to the point where ideally, everyone is a co-editor. The result? Highly effective knowledge sharing within ConQueastor as a learning organization. There are also considerable cost savings involved, partly because the costly production of the paper magazine was interrupted. The customer satisfaction was also boosted by the digital version.

Read it now at www.financeincorporated.nl. 

'We asked for a digital magazine, we got a new vision on online customer loyalty.'
- Albert Hamminga, Director at ConQuaestor - 

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