Europe: Vaillant

Europe: Vaillant

Europe's heating technology innovator audited by Total

Vaillant offers energy-saving, healthy and easy-to-operate solutions for heating, cooling and hot water. The Vaillant Group is an international family-owned company with a tradition of more than 135 years. In its core business of heating technology the company is the second-largest European manufacturer. In addition the Vaillant Group is active in the branches of ventilation and air-conditioning technology. The company develops and manufactures its products and services at sites in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey and China. The Vaillant Group is present in over 20 countries with own national sales companies, and exports to more than 60 states.


Global urbanisation, scarcity of resources and technology innovations are responsbile for major market changes over the past decade and coming near future. As over 40% of all our global energy usage is used on domestic heating Vaillant plays a vital role in these developments and Vaillant finds itself in the midst of a paradigm shift towards alternative resources and more renewable energies. This not only asks for a continuously cycle of innovation of their product portfolio and service development but also ask for a new and clear positioning in the marketplace.  As a future-oriented family enterprise Vaillant wants to set the benchmark in the areas of ecological, economical and social sustainability


As a first step an overall Brand Health Check was executed to plot the status quo and brand perceptions in the different markets and countries on an AS-IS basis. Based on country specific research, customer interviews and internal dialogue sessions different TO BE scenarios were developed. A new positioning was developed and it triggered the internal brand awareness and ambition to step up to the next phase of it’s development and use it pioneering strength which was build up over the last 140 years. It’s a choice to drive the market instead of following it and build a strong and distinctive positioning out of this. A new positioning is not to be achieved through advertising and value bullets on a powerpoint, it has to come from inside, it’s a collective ambition which has to be understood and lived. Therefore we have created a program as an internal platform to drive service innovation, initiatives and ultimate engineering with a strong sustainable focus. Cross country, cross disciplinary and with one collective goal in mind.   


The ‘What’ is currently under development, not just on product development and service innovation but an overall sustainable and brand awareness focus which is a true driver for change to stay a true market leader and be relevant in the future.


Vaillant heating technology innovator brand audit brand health check

Vaillant internal branding

Vaillant internal branding

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