Europe: Ordina

Europe: Ordina

Repositioning as a ‘Business Catalyst’

As a locally-focused company, Ordina has been rooted in the Dutch community since 1973. With a turnover of more than 400 million euro and more than 3000 employees, the company has clients in financial services, the public sector, health care and a number of specific industry segments.

Vision emerging from connecting capacity

In order to achieve results and remain significant in a dynamic and globalising world, organisations need to react to the changing demands and wishes of their environment. This complex context means it is essential for organisations to choose a clear position from which to embark on ground-breaking collaborations. In order to get from vision to realisation, the intelligent application of ICT is, more than ever, a crucial success factor.

Ordina is a knowledge provider in this field, bringing improvement and innovation for customers at the cutting edge of Business and ICT. The combination of ICT expertise and knowledge of business processes in terms of local markets and local issues is what makes Ordina unique.

In 2010 a new mission, vision and brand positioning were developed for Ordina as a result of a wide-ranging and intensive strategic project. This resulted in a renewed brand personality and visual language. With this repositioning forming the basis, Ordina is filling a renewing role in the form of Business Catalyst.

Put succinctly, this means: An organisation that connects and sets in motion. With entrepreneurship in the genes, strong local roots, accessible staff and deep knowledge of local issues, it is Ordina’s intention to take the lead in conceiving and implementing pro-active (business) concepts in collaboration with its clients and partners.

Ordina’s goal is to connect people and businesses and galvanise them into action. Its objective is to ensure that they realise their ambitions. This applies to its customers as well as its workforce. As a specialist which cannot and does not wish to do everything, it is keen to operate within a collaborative environment, with permanent allies as well as temporary collaborations inside or outside the industry. Through the market interconnections, sharing the best practices and by connecting interesting parties, Ordina is the binding force in the market. The new pay off that summarises this in an activating call:



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