Europe: Le Salon des Femmes

Capitalising on the success of Circle of Gentleman for the ladies

The Dutch fashion label, Circle of Gentlemen, with its superior quality gentlemen’s clothing, has become successful in a short time. The label has managed to establish itself in the higher international market segment. A powerful Dutch entrepreneurial mentality has helped them develop collections that are inspired by a classic global image. Some time ago, Circle of Gentlemen introduced the ‘& women’ label. The clothing is manufactured in traditional sewing machine shops. Style and quality form the basis for the collection. Experience in the market has taught them that in the realm of women’s fashion, the current brand lacks distinction. This is holding the brand back from further professionalisation and growth.

A new brand

Together with COG, Total Identity started a new brand development project in order to create a new ladies’ brand to replace ‘& women’. The challenge was to set out a clear brand promise that is based on the present day woman. A brand inspired by strongly independent and sovereign women from the past. As long ago as the 16th century, independent women met in salons they had arranged themselves; the Florentine Isabelle d’Este was the leading figure among them. At the time, fashion was one of the themes that was considered important. In the current network community, like-minded people are to find each other more simply. Within the ‘Salon des Femmes’ label, women connect with each other through important values such as loyalty, quality, temptation and creativity. The ‘Salon des Femmes’ label ensures a stylish appearance that befits the modern, conscious woman, in all her roles and moments.

Le Salon des Femmes label development

The brand vision was drawn up in a distinctive vision, mission and powerful ambition. Loaded with core values, a distinctive brand identity, brand promise and distinctively authentic logo were developed. The ‘Le Salon des Femmes’ label combines the classic society model with the open network mentality: heraldics meet social media. The golden swirl underlines the independence of the powerful, individual and style-conscious modern woman, represented in the solid but classic verbal image. Together they form the basis of the visual identity of the label and its collection. In Le Salon des Femmes, target group, collection and label become one. The brand book inspires and informs buyers, investors and employees.


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