Europe: Equens sharing insights

Europe: Equens sharing insights

Prominent industry professionals speak

Equens SE is the first pan-European full-service payment processor. As one of the largest payment processors in Europe, Equens leads the way in the field of future-proof solutions for the processing of giro and card-related payments.

EQ is Equens’ biennial magazine. In its publication, Equens places the client firmly at the centre of this professional market. Under the title ‘Sharing Insights’, EQ exchanges opinions with individuals and organisations, gives them a voice and offers a stage to prominent people within the industry.

Total Identity developed the format together with Equens and twice a year it comes up with a new concept and design. The theme of the first edition in 2011 is Legacy. It is what a predecessor or previous generation left behind. It is what continues to exist from a former time...

This is interpreted as a time perspective for the concept of the latest issue. There is a piling up of systems from the past and it is this detail that serves as the starting point. At this point we name photography as a concrete visual example: using portrait photography in which the colour saturation is reduced, we capture the spirit of the past. In order to bring the publication fully up-to-date, its design is clear and powerful. The illustrations serve to create contemporary feel, for example an interesting and exciting interaction between various dimensions in time is created. By the consistent handling of images and the theme-based character of the publication results in an attractive and diverse unity.

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