Europe: Equens SE

Europe: Equens SE

Rebranding Europe's largest card and payment processor


Equens SE is one of the largest card and payment processors in Europe. With an annual processing volume of 9.7 billion payments and 3.9 billion POS and ATM transactions, Equens SE has a European market share of more than 12.5%. Equens supports the development of a single, uniform European payments market (SEPA) and has dedicated itself to the standardisation and harmonisation of payments in Europe. With offices in three countries: the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, Equens truly understands local market needs in Europe.

The Challenge

When Equens SE was established in 2008, a new corporate design was developed by Total Identity. To help Equens establish itself as a leading European player and to make the organisation known to the public and stakeholders, a noticeable graphic identity was designed. This brand identity was implemented by several different agencies and with little focus on managing the brand identity; inconsistencies and inefficiencies resulted in a fragmented brand appearance over time. Secondly, Equens entered a second phase of life. After its merger in 2006 the competitive market demands better and more effective communication of the relevance of Equens' services. The existing design was outdated and too rigid to facilitate this development. In light of Equens' strong internal focus on efficiency, our assignment was developing a more communicative brand identity that required less management.

The concept and execution

Equens is the silent driving force behind cost-efficient payment and card processing, bridging the ambitions of its clients. The new insight was that the existing graphic accolade element, perfectly expresses three key roles: the connecting role in payment transactions from A to B; the supportive role of a partner and the role of an expert communicating its added value. 

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