Engage #2

Engage #2

New stories from the second Engage boat event

Following the success of the first Engage boat event, we organised a second event with new participants and some new stories as well. Besides the speakers who were with us the last time, there were two new interesting additions to the group: Bas van Abel from FairPhone and Roel Welsing from Triodos.

To read about the other stories, please refer to the main Engage article from the first Engage boat.

Roel Welsing from Triodos told an inspiring story about a different banking strategy: one that inspires people and enables them to connect. A strategy built on the idea of driving change in society and giving it a push in the right direction. Instead of communicating about banking products, Triodos Bank goes one step further and communicates about the impact your money could have on your business and the society, turning investment and financing into conscious, sustainable decisions. Transparency is at the heart of Triodos' banking operations, answering questions such as 'what does the bank do with my money when I'm saving?'. To read more about responsible and sustainable investments, visit the page 'Mijn geld gaat goed' (My money does good) on the Triodos website. (in Dutch).

Our second new speaker, Bas van Abel, is the person behind the FairPhone initiative. The FairPhone is a direct reaction against the billion-Euro profits made by the largest phone producers, profits made by using 'unfair' materials and unsustainable production methods. Bas' initiative was born from the need to have an 'honest' mobile phone production process that would be transparent, open about its source of materials and have less impact on the environment and society. Unlike the normal smartphone, the FairPhone will be produced with raw materials (tin, cobalt or other metals) coming from conflict-free regions in Congo, Indonesia or China, and produced by companies who do not expoit their employees. And unlike your normal smartphone, you'd be able to open and repair your FairPhone, not just throwing it away because one component is broken.

The FreePhone is scheduled to reach the market in about 6 months, with an initial batch of 10,000 pieces and sold at a consumer price between 200 and 250 Eur. The pilot model will have Firefox OS installed and will be the first 'honest' phone produced in cooperation with GeeksPhone.com

The second Engage event was packed with inspiring stories and even more speakers who shared their experiences with us all. But the story does not end here: we'll keep organising inspiring events and talks about subjects that matter, subjects that can help us make a change for progress and for a better future of business in general. To keep updated with all our activities, we invite you to join theSocial Media Kennisnetwerk Group on LinkedIn.

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