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Managing a corporate identity and correctly apply to all corporate identity and communication often takes a lot of time. In addition, a corporate identity today is very dynamic. For example by the rapid development of social media and the ability to respond quickly in the marketing trends is an increasing need for a 'living identity'.

i-Base is centrally fed with updates so each user automatically communicates in proper style. This guarantees the uniformity and thus the strength and the quality of the communication. i-Base also provides cost and often for a significant reduction of the total corporate costs.

i-Base sends communication within the organization and at the same time strengthens the identity. The platform facilitates and inspires and leads to efficiency with maximum communication results. i-Base is the standard when it comes to online corporate identity management. Meanwhile, more than one hundred organizations (government and industry) who depend on their i-Base.


‘The most
Brand Portal.’

Ted Schappert, Nationale-Nederlanden

The four components of i-Base

i-Base has four components that interact with each other:

  • i-Inspire provides guidelines for visual identity and communication.

  • i-Create helps to create communication and other corporate identity.

  • i-Manage functions as the common starting point for the organization and its users.

  • i-Connect completes the i-Base platform for everyday use.

The modular structure

i-Base is a modular building for the needs of the customer. The targeted use of smart modules allow i-Base vibrant workplace communication of an organization.


With i-Base provides users inside and outside the organization, at any time and in any place, on the complete and most current guidelines, basic files and tools.


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