The customer is dead, long live the network!

The customer is dead, long live the network!

On customer focus and customer intimacy

What led to this essay was an online discussion on customer focus and customer intimacy, initiated by Hans Brandt on the TSM Business School website. Martin van Brakel responded with his definition of customer intimacy. In his view, organisations have to deal with three developments. Leaders in organisations face questions such as 'How do employees give substance to the meaning of inspiration in organisations?' 'How are we currently working on customer focus?' and 'How do we create long-lasting relationships?' Out of this discussion, two round table talks arose at Total Identity, during which the participants explored the topic of customer focus. Thanks to the diversity of the participants - various professional groups, and a lovely mix of digital natives and digital immigrants - the subject was discussed in great depth. The most important insights were: it pays to invest in relationships instead of transactions and it pays to steer the process instead of consumption. People in organisations need to be aware of the fact that they are part of a system. This leads to the challenge that customer-focused thinking and working requires organisations to act. So, the new customer focus starts with the culture of an organisation, the employees' motives & intentions and exploring the structure of and interaction with the surroundings. 

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